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 PolyFibe is used for various industries:

Nonwoven felt made from hollow conjugated polyester fiber together with the low melt fiber with Airlay technology without any additional chemical products. Widely recognized for its energy conserving and sound absorption / thermal insulation properties. Can be applied over or under false ceilings, under concrete roofs, between gypsum board layers and between other type of walls with ultimate goal to soundproofing.

Bedding industry

Insulation materials


Accoustic insulation

PolyFibe with weight up to 3.000gr/m2

Accoustic insulation

PolyFibe is wrapped in rolls or cut to mats

Polyester Staple Fiber

PolyFibe produced from Polyester Staple Fiber

Application of PolyFibe

Thermo Felt in bedding industry

Sound insulation

Sound and Thermal insulation

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