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Flax Felt

 Flax Felt is used for various industries:

These are 100% ecologically safe insulation mats produced from 70-80% Flax Fiber and 30-20% Low Melt Fiber with the brand name ''Ecoterm''. It is a new and best choice for leading experts in construction industry as alternative to mineral wool on a ratio price/quality. Thanks to this material the building keeps heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

Insulation materials


Flax Felt
Flax Felt

Felts from 300 gr/m2 to 3.000 gr/m2

Flax Felt

Flax Felt in mats and wrapped bags

Flax Fiber

Flax Felt produced from flax fiber

Application of Flax Felt

Flax felts serve as insulation for housing


Production of 3D shapes and composites

Flax Felt

Widely used in packaging of frozen goods

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